Cancer is the fourth of the twelve zodiac signs. It's a cardinal water sign. Those who are born under it live in the House of the Crab in Aqua or The Void.


Cancer is a mass of contradictions. They're not easy to categorize, as they can be born timid, wild, loving, cold—you name it. They're made all the more complicated by the fact that that they always keep part of themselves hidden. Being incredibly sensitive, they do this to protect themselves. No ill will, however slight and well-concealed, will escape their notice. They sulk over every wound that they perceive. Despite their shell-like nature, they're very social and loving. Their strong intuition makes them excellent nurturers. They need to feel needed and will walk to the edge of the world and back for their friends without asking for anything in return. They're fiercely loyal, sometimes to the point of possessiveness, but one thing their friends will never feel is abandonment.


Cancer gives one power over the environment. They can move objects telepathically and change the weather. However, doing so without tiring or making a mistake requires much practice, and even then, doing a lot of manipulation at once or simply moving a very large, complex object or changing the weather over a large area is exhausting.



Their big imaginations make most Cancers excellent entertainers. They have a good sense of what people are interested in and get a great satisfaction out of providing it. They also make good healers.




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