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Elesterrae have three main career paths to choose from. Those age twelve and under attend school during work hours and have food and clothing provided for them by the government, but once they hit their thirteenth birthdays, they are required to choose and become independent.


The authoritative jobs are by far the hardest to get. However, they are far from glamorous; authoritarians do not have set work hours and must always be on the watch. They're held in high esteem by most of the lands, especially Terra.


The role of leader is currently chosen at birth. At all times, there is one person in each land who is not only capable of the magic that pertains to his or her sign, but also capable of manipulating the element that he or she is born under. It is believed that he or she has been chosen by the stars to the leader of the land. This person is in charge of keeping the peace in the land, whether it involves writing a new law or ordering an execution. Leaders are always born under cardinal signs. There was once a time in which all Elesterrae were capable of manipulating the elements and leaders were elected, but this was brought to an end by Accursius.


Bailiffs are the officers of the lands. They keep an eye out for trouble and are the ones to carry out the executions. Up until rectors reach age thirteen and have matured enough to lead, the head ballivus, as chosen by the last rector, takes care of the current rector's responsibilities.


Teachers are in charge of ensuring that the next generation has a firm grasp of society's history, rules, religion, etc. and behave accordingly. They teach those age twelve and under.


Production jobs are the most common, as they are integral to the survival of the Elesterrae and most do not require any special skills or knowledge. They all have an eight-hour work day.


This is arguably the most important job in Elesterra. People rely entirely on crops and livestock for food. Farmers' responsiblities include keeping the crops going and getting as much milk and eggs out of the livestock as possible while still treating them as sacred. They work in shifts so that there is always someone looking after the farm.


Healers take care of the sick, either by magic (if the Healer is a Libra) or with a combination of herbal remedies. They are also the gardeners of the lands and, if not a Libra, are always looking for new, better concoctions. Similar to farmers, healers work in shifts so that there is always someone on duty in case of a crisis.


Designers sew all of their respective land's clothes. These clothes are mostly made for comfort and usability, but designers are allowed some creativity.


These are the cleaners of Elesterra. They take care of all the messes, damaged belongings, and dead bodies that pop up throughout the year.


Astrologers may not be as integal to survival as most of the production jobs, but they are no less important to Elesterrae. They maintain the land's records and study the stars for new information to add.


Although, when first proposed, the idea of an entertainment industry was laughed at, Elesterrae soon found that it was a wonderful way for production workers to unwind after a rough day and a nice outlet for those restless ones who were not suited for authority or production. They run by their own clock and so long as they are successful, the government leaves them to their own devices. These jobs are especially coveted in Aer.


Streets are filled with vendors selling homemade nick nacks. Jewelry and home decor are popular birthday gifts for lovers and kin.


Performers receive the most praise out of the entertainment industry by far. They also have the most variety, as they can create moving art through illusions (if Aquarius), have civil, magical duels with others, do elaborate dances, or tell stories.


Prostitutes are available in all genders and for all genders. However, there are divisions among them; some refuse intercourse and are only available for other sexual favors and some will only take on clients of a certain gender. Some of this is out of prefererence and some out of a desire to prevent pregnancy.

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