Gemini is the third of the twelve zodiac signs. It's a mutable air sign. Those who are born under it live in the House of the Twins in Aero or The Void.


Gemini is the sign of versatility. Witty and imaginative, they're very fun to be around. When something gets their attention, they'll put all their energy into it, but holding their attention is another matter altogether. They're social butterflies and will never be at a loss for words. They're affectionate and caring, but not afraid to speak their mind when they disagree. They're truly a reflection of their surroundings, adapting when they perceive it to be necessary, sulking when stuck in bad circumstances. Their inconsistency may make some nervous, but it can be an asset as well as a liability.


Gemini gives one the power of shapeshifting. They can shift into other people, animals, or even the walls if they can stand still. However, doing so without accidentally shifting back in a matter of minutes requires much practice, and even then, they cannot sustain their shifted states for more than a few hours.



Most Geminis choose entertainment-based careers. Authority and production bore them, but the entertainment industry promises something new to pique their interest every day.




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