Astrism is the one and only religion in Elesterra. Followed by everyone without question, it is the basis for everything in their society.


Elesterrae had been playing around with the idea of a higher power ever since the birth of astrology. In 0063, when the Void War was ended by separating people by separating people by sign, these ideas were cemented into a formal religion. It was dubbed Astrism for its astrological basis.


To list all Elesterrae philosophies that have a religious connection would be impossible, as virtually everything in Elesterra relates back to Astrism, but the core values are:

  • Follow one's sign. Zodiac signs make up everything about Elesterrae—their personalities, mindsets, likes, dislikes, etc. Signs also indicate where they should live and who they should spend time with. Specifically, people must live with other members of their sign and only interact with other members of their element. People are allowed to stray from this by visiting Vacuitas, but staying results in them being disowned and considered sinners.
  • All people begin life as stars. Once they die, they are reborn as humans on Elesterra. Once that life comes to an end, they are reborn are stars, and the cycle continues. Those who commit unforgivable sins, such as moving to Vacuitas or doing anything to earn an execution, are not reincarnated.


Astrists worship twelve gods: Omnipotens Aries, Omnipotens Taurus, Omnipotens Gemini, Omnipotens Cancer, Omnipotens Leo, Omnipotens Virgo, Omnipotens Libra, Omnipotens Scorpio, Omnipotens Sagittarius, Omnipotens Capricorn, Omnipotens Aquarius, and Omnipotens Pisces. These gods created the universe and gave humankind everything it needed to survive (the essentials like food and water plus the signs with which to govern themselves). The gods care deeply about the state of the world, but do not control it or interact with it in any way. The gods are greater than any human could ever hope to be, but not immaculate.


Each land has one temple dedicated to the three gods that fall under its element. These temples are only visited on the first day of the land's cardinal month. On these days, a prayer is recited by everyone in the land:

Vocamus super nostra omnipotens deos: Omnipotens Aries/Capricorn/Libra/Cancer, Omnipotens Leo/Taurus/Aquarius/Scorpio, and Omnipotens Sagittarius/Virgo/Gemini/Pisces.
Nos salutent vos, nostra nobilis creatores, et solemniter vovent
ad sequendum stellas quod vos reliquit ad wissoun vs.

This is followed by a grand celebration.

Every house has its god's symbol painted above its door.

Vacuitates have no temple and, if they attempt to pray or do any sort of religious act, they are laughed at, as they are disgraces to the gods and will be ignored by them.

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