Taurus is the second of the twelve zodiac signs. It's a fixed earth sign. Those who are born under it live in the House of the Bull in Terra or The Void.


Taurus is known for its persistence. They have a strong lazy streak, but when they decide something is worth fighting it for, they'll never back down. They crave stability and will gladly give it to anyone they consider deserving. Dependable, witty, and practical, they make excellent friends. Their flaws come into play when they take their attributes too far. Although generally cool-tempered, they're very stubborn and opinionated, and, when provoked, have a tendency to brood until they get their way. And as much as they value aesthetics and pleasure, they have trouble resisting the temptation to overindulge.


Taurus gives one the power of duplication. They can create duplicates of themselves. However, creating duplicates that do not fizzle out in a matter of minutes requires much practice, and even then, they cannot last for more than a few hours.



Most Tauruses enjoy the steady routine that production jobs provide. Their keen eye for aesthetics makes them especially good at designing.




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