by John G. Jackson


Elesterrans follow a twelve-month calendar:



  • Celina, a Scorpio Astrologus, proposed a calendar based on the stars.


  • After years of disagreements, The Void War—a war between the four different elements—officially began.


  • The leaders of Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancers banded together to write up a peace treaty: four lands—one for each element—would be built and no one would cross into the territory that their sign did not fall under. There would be a small circle of neutral territory, barely cared for and only inhabited by those who had fallen from grace and been disowned, placed in the center so that curious minds would be able to see what drab, disorderly lives those who walked among other elements led. After getting their clans to agree, they approached the fixed and mutable clans. Leos, Tauruses, Aquariuses, and Scorpios were the first to sign. Sagittariuses, Virgos, Geminis, and Pisces were reluctant, but eventually conceded.
  • The previously nameless planet was dubbed Elesterra.
  • A formal society (specifically regarding government, economy, and religion) was solidified.


  • After a series of attempts to start a rebellion, a group Aquae who disliked the separation surpassed them all by attempting to assassinate Accursius, a Cancer Rector. The knife just barely missed his heart and, had a Libra Healer not rushed to the scene in time, he would have died. The group was executed. Accursius, who was terrified that more rebellions would follow, paid a trusted Aquarius to delude all of the fire, earth, air, and water into only obeying the hands of a Rector. When all of the Elesterrae, sans the Rectors, suddenly found that they could not manipulate the elements, Accursius proposed that this was the gods' way of telling them that the Rectors were superior to them and were to be followed. Uprisings settled. From then on, only four people alive—one from each cardinal sign—were capable of manipulating the elements, and these people were always elected as Rector.

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